Spring is here!

Happy Spring Equinox, aka ARIES territory and International Astrology Day! Actually, it’s tomorrow (March 20th) at exactly 11:16 am CT but lets chat about it now shall we?

The Moon will be in luscious Taurus supported by Saturn and later Neptune. AND we have Mercury conjunct Venus- for an extra added dose of feel good energy. I’m actually loving this chart,but lets compare it to our last seasonal change.

This past Winter Solstice brought some cold AF winters and it’s no wonder as Saturn was EXACTLY conjunct the Sun. So what can we glean from this? Well if the Sun is squaring Mars tomorrow does this mean we’re in for a rather hot Spring? And jumping ahead to Summer Solstice the Sun will be opposite frigid Saturn. Back to cooler temps? Or a drought perhaps? What does everyone else think?

*image by Yelena Yemchuk