Welcome to your Astrology Consultation!

Astrology is an ancient, incredibly insightful tool that can help you determine your highest potential, greatest needs, and even your biggest challenges. During a session, we discover your traits and tendencies, and generally what makes you tick. We also look at what the planets have in store for you now and in the next several months to years.

Your Astrological Chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment you were born – it’s yours and yours only! So every reading is custom fit for your specific needs. This is your time to discuss anything you want in a very private, safe and secure setting.

You can use Astrology to understand yourself or someone else, make a business decision, know when to start dating, the best time to get married, and the best places on earth for you. Honestly it’s absolutely endless!

But here are some ideas to get you started…

Natal Chart Analysis and Predictions

By understanding your natal planets and asteroids and how they interact with one another, we can figure out your strengths and weaknesses and your soul’s purpose. Your natal chart is your cosmic blueprint and a great roadmap to use when you need some clarity. We also take a look at what’s going on in the sky right now and in the near future. In general, we will look at the next several months to see where you will be growing and learning, and when to take advantage of opportunities. Through in some progressions and solar arcs and now we’re really cooking!


Looking for the best spots to take a trip or relocate? Astrology can help with this! Astrocartography shows you the greatest and not so greatest places for you on earth. It’s like looking at your natal chart on a map. We can find you the best locations for love, money, fame or retirement! And we’ll throw in some transits to make sure everything’s running smoothly to any of the places you wish to go.

Private & Group Lessons

Wanna learn how to do this all yourself? I can teach you! You can learn to be your own Astrologer with personal coaching and superb planetary tips and techniques. Depending on your level of Astro knowledge, we can broaden your skills and teach YOU how to read the stars.

Composite and Synastry Charts

This is an in depth look at two individual charts and how they relate, as well as their strengths and their weaknesses. Whether you are starting a new relationship or ending one, this is an incredibly therapeutic reading that explains the why’s and how’s and what can be different the next go around. Think of this as a potent cosmic X-Ray into any relationship! A wonderful session for romantic couples, friends, parent/child, and business partners. (exact birth is not always needed for these)

Solar Return Reading

This is an interpretation of your upcoming year from birthdate to birthdate. It’s based on the time your Sun returns to the exact place in the sky when you were born. The Solar Return gives a great indication of what the next 12 months have in store for you, and what the general vibe of the upcoming year will be like for you. We’ll also look at transits in addition to the Solar Return. This makes a great birthday gift for someone too!

Charts require the person’s complete birth information – date, time, and place of birth.

Sessions are recorded if you desire and sent via email, along with a copy of your chart.

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