Welcome to Astrology

The beauty of knowing Astrology is the way you can use it to help you every. damn. day. For instance, I ALWAYS pay attention to the Moon. Especially when it goes Void – which means it isn’t making any aspects to anything else in the sky.

This can occur when we are asleep for only a few minutes, or last most of the day. And trust me, we notice it. That shirt that still has the tags on it that has been lingering in your closet forever…I bet ya that was purchased during a Void Moon. Those brilliant plans you made with a friend that completely DIDN’T happen. Yep. Probably Void again. So lets take a look at the next time it goes Void. The idea is to finish up existing projects, or just take a nap. The point is the Moon is taking a break and so should YOU!

So tomorrow July 14th from 12pm CT to 6:52pm CT the Moon is relaxed. Take notice during this time. It’s great for creative work, but trying to actually accomplish anything? Maddening!

So how does it make you feel?