Yep, I’m also an astrologer.

I’ve been fascinated with the stars since I read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs in the 8th grade and I haven’t stopped since.

Astrology is an ancient, incredibly useful tool to help you determine your highest potential, among many other fascinating finds. It’s my goal as an astrologer to help clients broaden their perspective on their lives and relationships.  During a session, we look at the sky at the exact moment you were born to discover your traits and tendencies, and generally what makes you tick.   We also look at what the planets have in store for you now and in the next several months.


Natal Chart Reading

We take a look at your natal planets and asteroids and how they interact with one another.  We can figure out your strengths and weaknesses and your soul’s purpose. Your natal chart is your cosmic blueprint and and a great roadmap to use when you need some clarity.


Transit Reading

This takes a look at what’s going on in the sky right now and in the near future.  Wanna learn the best days to take a vacation, go look for a job, or get married?  The planets can help with that!  In general, we will look at the next several months to see where you will be growing and learning, and when to take advantage of opportunities.  Through in some progressions and solar arcs and now we’re really cooking.


Solar Return Reading

This is an interpretation of your upcoming year based on the degree your natal sun makes it’s return.   The solar return gives a great indication of what the next 12 months have in store for you.  We’ll also look at transits in addition to the solar return.


Composite Chart

This is an in depth look at two individual charts and how they relate, as well as their challenges and their positives.  A wonderful session for romantic couples, friends, parent/child, and business partners.



All charts require the person’s complete birth information – date, time, and place of birth.

Sessions are recorded and sent via email, along with a copy of your chart.

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